Champions League to Resume and Eventually Finish in August

The world of football and its community around the world has just been filled with joy overload. The so-called new normal eventually brings a positive trend into the world of football, especially in Europe. Some of the best leagues in Europe are already resuming their competition after the break due to the global pandemic of coronavirus. Following that good news of European top leagues restart, UEFA has just announced the scheduled restart for the Champions League competition of 2019/2020. The biggest football club competition in Europe will once again commence delivering what football fans around the world have been waiting for.

So far UEFA has confirmed the official schedule to finish the Champions League competition of 2019/2020. The plan is to run a condensed period of 12 days for the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final. The quarter-finals are scheduled to run from August 12 to 15. The semi-finals are scheduled to play on August 18 and 19. Meanwhile, the final of the Champions League is scheduled to play on August 23. All of the scheduled matches will take place in Lisbon, Portugal. The stadiums to host those matches are only Estadio Jose Alvalade and Estadio da Luz. It will be like a mini-tournament format with knockout games rule applied. maxbetsbobet

Unfortunately, the remaining matches of the last-16 clubs in the Champions League competition have not been decided just yet. 4 matches remain to play to determine which club will go to the quarter-finals of the competition. The teams that will need to play the remaining last-16 matches include Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Lyon, Juventus, Napoli, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester City. Meanwhile, there have been 4 teams secured their way to the quarter-finals which is Atalanta, RB Leipzig, Atletico Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain. It will be decided real soon.

Originally the final of 2019/2020 Champions League was to be played in Istanbul. Following the recent development of the competition, Istanbul is to be given the right to host the Champions League final in the future. The remaining matches of the current Champions League are to be played behind closed doors though. It eventually depends on the Government of Portugal whether to allow and accommodate some supporters and fans to attend the matches or not. UEFA has also been proposing the possible start for the 2020/2021 Champions League as early as mid-October of 2020.

Meanwhile, the same thing is not yet to happen to the Europa League. There has not been any decision made in terms of continuing the Europa League. Yet, it is expected that eventually Europa League will restart and follow a similar format as the one incorporated by the Champions League. The competition will most likely restart and eventually finish in either Frankfurt or Dusseldorf of Germany. On the other hand, the Women’s Champions League may be given the chance to resume that same option as the Champions League as well. Basque of Bilbao and San Sebastian could be the place for the final games of the Women’s Champions League.

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